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to understand water is to understand human

High technology in the service of man

The human body is about 300 billion cells, working and interacting with each other and with the environment under certain laws. Cells contain an aqueous solution and, being in the composition of organs and systems, "float" in a liquid biological environment. The basis of all this fluid is her Majesty WATER.

Lets think about it. At a weight of 60 kg, the amount of water solution in the human body is about 48 (!) litres, of which about 45 litres is water, bound by chemical processes in certain structures, about 3 litres - water "liquid". Both types of water fulfil their function in accordance with their function.

A decrease in the amount of water in the body or a sharp change in the quantitative ratio of water "liquid" and "bound" indicates "incorrect" reactions taking place in the body, are possible start of undesirable pathological changes and directly depend on the quality and properties of the water used. It is known that a person loses daily from 2 to 3 litres of a complex aqueous solution with micro- and macro-elements.

Simultaneously with the loss of the aqueous solution, we lose the electrolyte, as well as protons and electrons, without the presence of which no reaction takes place in the living body.

For a full-fledged life, these losses must be replenished DAILY. It is possible to fill the lost water with any water nearby.

However, one can not agree with this approach.

The practical application of the electrochemical method of water purification.



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